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Document Management System with an Electronic Signature

Hatiroo® will reduce your costs and gain you time for the work you like

Our system improves document workflows, especially those that require approval and signing. Intuitive and functional usage without long and costly implementation.

DocuSign​®'s electronic signature

Efficient signing process

Without dozens of e-mails, attachments and walking around the office with papers. Collect signatures in front of your mobile device from colleagues or business partners across the globe.

One-click contract signing

Forget about hard copies, scans and initials on every page. With DocuSign®, you can sign any document type with just one click - anywhere, even from your mobile phone.

Podpis elektroniczny w obiegu dokumentów
Współpraca przy obiegu dokumentów

Efficient teamwork

Contributing authors and approvers

Work as a team on a single and latest version of a document: no downloading, uploading or email attachments. With autosave directly on company's server and the ability to work simultaneously.

Effective work organization

Delegate tasks, set deadlines and easily monitor the progress of document approval with automatic notifications and reminders. Gain full control of the document workflow and coordinate all activities in one place.

All documents secured in one place

Browser-based access

Work freely from anywhere in the world. You need only a device with internet access. Just choose your favorite web browser and you will always have your company documents just a few clicks away.

Full workflow overview

With Hatiroo® you can see who, what and when have changed a contract - you have access to the full change history with the ability to verify each version of any document file.

Dokumenty w jednym miejscu
Zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów

Productive document workflow management

Automatic document generation based on template

Convenient grouping of document types and editable document templates speed up and simplify the process. Simply select type of contract, fill in the most important data and the system will generate a document with customer details based on company's template.

Intuitive system use

Thanks to the simplicity of the Hatiroo®​, you do not incur the cost of implementation. Anybody can use the program without expensive and time-consuming training.

The journey of a contract in Hatiroo®​
from automatic creation to secured repository

See sample graphs of contract workflow phases. The system provides ready-made workflow templates (e.g. contracts, procurements or tenders). Additionally, each of them can be adjusted to your needs. 


Fill in the form and generate documents from templates or upload documents from your customer.


Gather comments from other departments and develop a final version of the document.


The document goes for approval. Each manager can add comments, add attachments, and indicate a decision.

Collecting signatures

The final version of the contract is signed by all parties.


All signed documents are automatically secured in the electronic archive

Book a free presentation of Hatiroo®

We will show you a complete Hatiroo® solution with a practical application of DocuSign®. You will learn more how to increase efficiency and comfort of daily work, thanks to the latest cutting-edge solutions.

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