Office document conversion

W 2007 roku Microsoft introduced a new document format. In Word it is .docx format, in Excel .xlsx. Unfortunately, with the change in technology, the document templates have remained unchanged – they are still in .doc or .xls format (without the x suffix).
The new document format (the one with the x at the end) enhances the ability to work online with documents. They can be edited in the Office application in a web browser. This way, the data is immediately saved on the server. You no longer have to download documents to disk and then upload them again.
In addition, Hatiroo® can automatically complete data for new document format, such as contractor data or other contract details. This allows you to significantly speed up document workflow processes and avoid errors.

Document conversion - step by step

Open document

Download the document and save it somewhere on your disk. Open it in an Office application, such as Word. Note that at the very top, in the middle, it is written "Compatibility Mode". This means that the document is in an older format and requires conversion.

Word Conversion - Step 1
Compatibility mode - document needs to be converted
Word Conversion - Step 2
File -> Info-> Convert


Select File, then on the left select Info. The system will suggest that the document needs to be converted. Click Convert. If you don't see the yellow convert tile, just skip this step.

Save in new format

In the File tab, select Save As. Then specify where to save the document, for example, My Computer. The system will suggest a new format for the document. In Word, choose .docx, in Excel, choose .xlsx, and in PowerPoint, choose .pptx.

Word Conversion - Step 3
File -> Save as -> docx
Conversion - An effect
An old file o the left, a new one on the right

An effect

You receive a second file in the new format. Now upload the new document to Hatiroo® and delete the old one.