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For tailor-made needs, we offer the SMART suite, which allows you to individually select solutions that meet your business needs. 

Net / month
Teamwork module with tasks and email notifications. Activates the document workflow mechanism with the possibility of approvals, review or drafting documents. Necessary for the workflows of contracts, invoices, orders, etc.
€ 85
Cloud Storage™
Integration with Microsoft OneDrive. Increases security of stored documents and provides functionality to work on Word, Excel and Power Point documents directly in a browser or Microsoft Office classic application with automatic saving option.
€ 95
Currency API™
Integration with currency exchange rates API (NBP). Automatically converts values using currency rates for a given day.
€ 15
Customer API™
Integration with the government’s contractors database (GUS). It provides up-to-date database of contractors and their company details. Contains a mechanism for automatic updating of contractor details.
€ 55
Electronic signatures™
Integration with DocuSign® platform. The mechanism automatically sends current documents, sets recipients and content of email notifications and, most importantly, generates sign-here tabs. After collecting signatures is completed it automatically archives signed documents along with certificate of completion.
€ 75
E-office module that allows you to connect multiple mailboxes and scanners to the Hatiroo® system. This is a must have module to invoices and settlements workflows.
€ 40
Electronic repository for all documents (working copies and signed documents). The mechanism includes a search engine with easy Excel generated report. This module is mandatory for all system suites.
€ 90
Support for multiple companies, multiple application instances (e.g. dedicated application for the board of directors) and multiple system languages.
€ 90
This module allows you to share documents with your contractors directly from the Hatiroo® system. Enables automatic saving of replies, decisions and documents from the contractor. This module helps you to work with an external law firm.
€ 70
Print requests™
A mechanism that supports traditional signature collecting using wet pen. The document owner may send a request to office assistant to collect signatures, send to the contractor and to make a scan copy of signed documents.
€ 15
A mechanism for generating documents from templates. It allows to populate the document with the values indicated in the system form, such as customer details, document value, etc. This module allows for easy management of document templates within defined workflows.
€ 65
Reporting mechanism in the Hatiroo® system. Available reports task performance, process efficiency and financial reports.
€ 85
Next workflow
Each additional workflow is treated as an additional module. No matter which suite you choose, you get 1 workflow as standard. If you plan to divide workflows into cost invoices, sales invoices, purchase contracts, sales contracts – each of these workflows is treated as a separate module.
€ 59 from 1-4
€ 49 from 5

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