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Technical support services

No support
Package price
+ 10% order value
+ 30% order value
Additional services1
Time & Material
Time & Material
Time & Material
Response times
Up to 5 MD
for each inquiry
8 MH – crash
12 MH – error
16 MH – other
2 MH – crash
4 MH – error
8 MH – other
Updates fees2
+ 10% order value
per upgrade
Test environment3
Inquires analysis4
Budget guarantee5
Dedicated software version (branding) 6

1 Each working hour (MH) is settled with an accuracy of 1 minute. Settlements are made in monthly cycles in advance, on the basis of the working time report generated from the working time system.

2 In case of paid SLA package we do not charge additional license fee for software update. However, each installation is a subject of Time & Material settlement

3 Within the paid SLA package we install, configure and take care of your test environment.

4 Each inquiry is subject to analysis, which is settled by Time & Material. In special cases it can also contain a necessary work estimation and costs. In the highest package (SLA Premium) this item is included in the package price.

5 Each work is settled with Time & Material. In case of the highest package (SLA Premium), we own the risk of exceeding the budget by more than 20%.

6 In case of the highest package (Premium) we can offer optional maintenance of dedicated software version prepared for your specific needs or containing specific integrations with your other systems. The custom approach may require to maintain a separate copy of the software dedicated for your company.

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